2 Products That Will Represent Mongolia to the World

Mongolian Economic Forum 2013 was organized recently. With participants ranging from private industry leaders to ministers and parliament members, this was a forum full of too good to be true statements.

But for a country committed to become dependent of few mining companies, this forum had a good focus – what are the Mongolia’s “brand” export products and how can we improve it.

Below are the 2 products I hear will steward the future of Mongolia, according to the “Daily News” paper’s March 15 issue:

1. Tourism. We all know that tourism has been failing on our end because of mining companies messing up the nature and so on. One tourism businessman showed this on a 60% decrease of keyword ‘travel to Mongolia’ on Google Search over the last 10 years. However, [the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism] is spending 300 million MNT ($214,000) for advertisement in National Geographic’s ‘Traveler’ magazine. The participants of the forum in this sector apparently suggested nomadic lifestyle, dinosaurs and Chinggis Khaan as the brands of tourism in Mongolia. As far as the dinosaurs go, I hope more dinosaur fossil expeditions are made because it will be nothing next to China, which has been making many important discoveries and taking the world paleontology forward several steps. For example, we now know that most dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park looked more like big birds.  Even our Bataar was covered with feathers. But the new Mongolia’s tourism brand logo was a girl riding a tyrannosaur without any feather. Maybe a change is due soon.



2. Meat (products). How could a population of 2.8 million people with 42 million livestock not be exporting meat and getting famously rich for it already? It turns out that consumers are scared of foreign pasture-fed animals over fodder-fed animals, mostly beef. Mutton I was told is called a stinky meat and not imported or exported around the world a lot. But the good news said in the forum was that the World Veterinary Organization in the upcoming May might approve Mongolian livestock meat for international export. Not only meat but we can also make collagen processing animal feet. Approximately 8 million livestock is slaughtered each year and 42 million feet gets disposed (considering there aren’t any two-legged mutants or three-legged veteran animals). Also the blood can become a bratwurst apparently. Many wild ideas can come out, but one thing is certain, it’s time we export some meat outside.