5 Blogs I’m Following from Today

“Did you know Sherlock Holmes’ original name was Sherrinford?” I learned this and many other things when I followed these five new blogs from today.

1. Interesting Literature

This blog looks professional and indeed ‘interesting’. One of the top articles of this blog was Ten Facts about Sherlock Holmes.

2. Morenomad

I came across this blog while keying in Mongolia in WordPress Reader. This guy is a nomad at heart and he has discovered a secret cinema in Bayan-Ulgii province.

3. HARSH REALITY by A Opinionated Man

This is not your average goody two shoes blog. This is tell it as it is, start-a-discussion kind of blog with just the right amount of ranting. At least that’s the impression I had when I checked it out. The article that hit home for me was You Aren’t Special. Maybe it’s because he mentioned the LinkedIn CEOs from companies he’s never heard of. Ouch!

4. Notes Tied on the Sagebrush

I came across this blog because the owner was the first person to follow and comment on me when I started blogging! (We make sense of the world through the things and people we interact with. That’s the way it works.) Her tagline is simple–writing about life. She had written about travels, cook recipes and thoughts about pop culture, too. Also, if you’re curious about the title, check this out.

5. Dream, Play, Write!

Last but not the least is this blog by Timothy Pike. The simplistic style of his blog and informational content piqued my interest. Top pick of the articles: The 12-Month Author Challenge. I am so glad I found out about this, and I hope this helps you, too.

OK, peeps. I’ll try to follow as much people as I can, especially those who are following me. It’s just that I’m squeezing in this time into a tight schedule, so I haven’t gotten much chance to write a longer post.


My Blog Title, Tagline and UVP

So I thought I’d give a little background on why this blog is titled Natso’s Not So Personal Blog. Yeah, it’s today’s assignment, but I am already satisfied with my title, so I’ll go ahead and publish a post. I haven’t found my angle of writing yet. So far, I know it’s going to be not so personal things, like reading, writing and NGO stuff. I guess I like this title because Natso sounds like not so, and it’s like one of those cheesy puns.

Except there’s something I should tell you about the word Natso. Ladies and gentlemen… (drum roll) the truth of the matter is… Natso is not my real name (gasp!).

My real name has eleven letters and seven of them are consonants. Yep, just about your typical Mongolian name. I won’t write my real name, because, like a lego piece, it poses a choking hazard for the unitiated to pronounce. Talk about mystic spell(ing)s.

So Natso is basically a contraction of my real name. I actually created a blog titled Natso Personal on Blogger a long time ago, but then focused on blogging about books or other things, so I changed it. Basically I don’t like to come across as someone pouring out their personal information  for everyone to see. But when you’re blogging for a long time, and you want to build a relationship with your readers, you might have tendency to write TMI things.

About the tagline: lives in Mongolia, writes in English. As you can see, very simple tagline. What I’m hoping right now is that it becomes my Unique Value Proposition–you know, something that sets me apart from other blogs. I also have seen a lot of short story authors’ bio include “lives in [Insert city and state] with [Insert significant other and obligatory pet]” sentence a lot, so I tried to emulate that.

Speaking of UVP and pets, there was an example in a Coursera class called Foundation for Business Strategy that’s bothering me now. It goes like this.

During the dot-com in the 90s, there was a site called Pets.com. It had a simple brand, simple domain, simple logo (stuffed puppy puppet) and a simple business model–sell pet supplies. It had a good branding and even featured their puppy ad during Super Bowl. Then, it went bust.


Its Unique Value Proposition was not so unique. Everybody wanted in on the pet supplies and chomped from their market share. It was not unique enough.

So that’s what I am afraid of. That my tagline is simple to the point of being ripped off and spawning several more blogs. In the domain of blogging, especially in Mongolia, I’d see this as a compliment that I’m impacting, if not inspiring, people. But I’ve seen people take and build on my idea to my expense so many times now. For example, my NGO’s UVP is that its trying to build a cluster of creative industries. I talked about this to several crowds, pitching and trying to recruit co-founders for a year now. But this August, a crowdfunding NGO had used an exact word cluster poster basically translating our creative content poster into Mongolian. Worst thing is the folks had even scored an interview in Bloomberg, while I was only getting featured in a newspaper. Granted, the business models are different, but they have taken our UVP!

In most cases, I’m glad when people build in my idea. It gives me the sense I’m making a change. In 2010, I think, there was Startup Weekend 3 in UB, and I pitched my ride-sharing web idea, unaahuvaa. Soon after, the startup show car pool pitch was running. I mean they took the angle, not my pitch, plus I didn’t deliver what I promised, so fair game. But it still brings an awkward situation and makes you think if all the effort you took and someone else getting credit for that makes you feel powerless.
OK. Enough personal information.
I guess the takeaway is that competition is inevitable, and you should focus on building an identity that other people can’t imitate that easily. Some people accomplish it by getting specialized in the least explored market or embracing their weirdest side.

Who I Am and Why I’m Here

OK. You might be wondering, “What is this blog? And who is this guy?”

Hi, I am Natso. I live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I have been trying to commit to writing for a while and only recently am I joining a Daily Post 30 day challenge called Blogging 101. That’s right. For the next 30 days, you’re going to see a new post every morning.

What would I write about?
Well, I think I ‘ll write for the sake of writing mostly, but I also became a Co-CEO of an NGO, so you can read about my experience of setting up a “legal entity” in Mongolia. Note how I am not saying a “startup”. That’s because I am not much of an entrepreneur, that thing is risky.
I also have been trying to write stories in English. Yeah, I only have few short stories and I already got few rejections. Let’s see, from Buzzy Mag, Orson Scott Card’ Intergalactic Medicine Show and Far East Enough. I think I’m missing a place. But I have some projects going on that might fare better.

I also like to read, so I’ll write about some interesting things I find out. For instance, I am in the middle of two books, Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms and Account of James Gilmore’s Mission in Mongolia.
While reading Farewell to Arms, I realized I would understand the book better if I had visited Italy. Because the book had a lot of Italian words about wines, breads and stuff. Also, this is my first book by Hemingway, and I’m not sure if I like his style. It sure is punchy though.

On the next book, Gilmore’s a Scottish Christian missionary who lived in Mongolia during the dawn of the 20th century. I found the book while scouting Gutenberg for anything related to Mongolia. It’s basically a tribute to the missionary, but the passing mentions of Mongolians gives me ideas about life in 1900s.

That’s about it, I guess. Writing, heading an NGO and reading. If you want to ask me questions, criticize or commend me, go ahead and leave a comment. I’ll take it all with thick skin. (Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll mope about it all day) If you want to follow me or whatever, I guess hit on the follow button. And I’m writing this from my phone in the morning with no editing so apologies on formatting and sloppy writing.

Have a nice day, I guess.